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What They’re Saying About Chalmers

"This body of work directly enhances an organization's ability to create - and maintain — clear and coordinated action, as well as to sustain healthy and productive workplace relationships. What I have learned working With Chalmers continues to have profound impact on me, both professionally and personally. His insights and distinctions are supporting me to move to a higher order Of self-awareness and personal accountability, helping me achieve the results I desire as a manager, husband and father."

- Dave Pendery, Director - HR Information Strategy Coca-Cola Company, Atlanta, GA

"This book should be a MUST read for everyone. It has transformed mg life and life Of many around me, in a verg positive wag. As a result Of applying what I have learned from this book, today I am having more effective conversations, and am experiencing more jog, greater peace Of mind, better relationships, and better results—both in my personal and professional"

- Vinay Kumar, Coach, TEOCO Corporation

"I highly recom mend Chalmers Brothers for leadership and employee training. He has spoken at Avanade quarterly meetings and introduced a wag Of looking at leadership, language and conversations that was both innovate and immediately practical... and to tailor his program for us. His programs include a strong focus on self-awareness, the impact of emotions on leadership and team effectiveness and a new way Of understanding the basics Of commitment and accountability. Great job - thanks, Chalmers."

- Craig Wood, Partner - Avanade Technologies

“78 of our senior and mid-level leaders participated in Chalmers Brothers' SOAR training program. The results have been outstanding, and I recommend him and his program without reservation. Improved self-awareness, more effective communication, better teamwork and higher levels Of "emotional intelligence" are among the results our STEM-oriented organization has realized. This awesome program has made a meaningful difference in our company and I highly recommend it."

- Shyam Salona, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer, REI Systems, Inc.

“Chalmers Brothers conducted an off-site leadership training event for our senior management team,and the results wore outstanding. His message of self-awareness, self-responsibility and a new way of understanding language and conversations was extremely relevant and timely for our team (as well as our employees). He has great energy and engaged everyone with his sense of humor and ability to connect to people “where they are.” Wo now have a new set of distinctions and a new sot of tools for working together as a leadership team. We also have a new capability to create and maintain a powerful culture that will propel us to the next level of success - which I know we’ll achieve. Thank you, Chalmers!”

- Andrew Limouris, CEO, Medix Staffing Solutions

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