Chalmers brings nearly 30 years of organizational and leadership development experience to his clients, including 9 years with Andersen Consulting (Accenture) and 21 years as an independent consultant and coach. Chalmers works with CEOs, senior leadership and their teams who are at critical crossroads and need help to improve performance and accountability, shift the culture, increase employee engagement, and obtain new tools to stay relevant in the marketplace.

Chalmers offers comprehensive, highly interactive full-day, half-day and long-term training programs designed for leaders, managers, teams, supervisors, and employees. All of his programs are based on key principles contained in his best-selling book, Language and the Pursuit of Happiness. His long-term “culture change” program is entitled SOAR, and is a powerful learning process and suite of tools to help participants improve self-awareness and emotional intelligence, as well as build strong relationships and foster effective collaboration and communication.

Chalmers Brothers speaks to groups and organizations of all types, nationwide and throughout Canada. His messages, centered around thought-provoking and eye-opening new understandings of language, the power of conversations, and the dynamics of human relationships, create openings for meaningful change and tangible improvements, personally and professionally. His speaking clients include TEDx – Boca Raton, The Coca-Cola Company, U.S. Social Security Administration, Vistage/TEC Private Advisory Boards for CEOs, TEOCO, REI Systems and many others.